About Us

     Let me start with LC Sax and what LC is about. LC started in 1947 when a young painter from Houli Taiwan had a vision to recreate a saxophone that was damaged in a fire. That young man was Lien Cheng. He meticulously drew and blueprinted that damaged saxophone with the mission of creating his own. Since the beginning LC's saxophones became very popular with the Taiwanese people. With time, other saxophone companies began to take notice and LC grew to become the OEM/ODM provider of choice for many. With the passing of Lien Cheng, The business of making Saxophones fell into the hands of Lien Cheng's grandson Chang Tsong Yao. Mr Cheng has made some strides such as establishing the brand of LC, setting LC apart from the rest of the manufacturers in Taiwan. In the past one could assume that R&D stood for "receive and duplicate." Not with LC. This today actually means Research and Development. From mapping the saxophone with CAD 3 dimensional blueprints to employing fluid dynamics for bore size and so on. LC is not trying to reinvent the wheel, it constantly wants to make it better than the last. Other Iconic brands have made developments and changes like the revolutionary hand stack offset that dramatically changed the ergonomics and feel of a horn. LC's quest like I said, is to make what's good even better and to establish itself within the realm of the BEST.

     Now, I will tell you a bit about CM music and LC sax here in the United States. CM music was a Freelance FOH/MON support venture. CM has Mixed for artists Lupillo Rivera, Voces Del Rancho, Aventureros, Cachorros De Juan Villarreal, Los Bravos Del Norte and Rieleros del Norte to name a few. From mixing and onsite recording my true passion came to light once more. That passion was performing and actually playing my saxophones. Even if it means playing alone and at least picking it up once a day. One day I ran into LC online and wanted to play one of their horns. I had heard that LC was up there with what the best had to offer, so I said "ok let's see what these saxes are about". I played one and was HOOKED! The sax not only felt good, it played right up there with my vintage Conn in terms of tone. When pushed the LC screamed and when gently played it flowed like my Martin Handcraft. Overtones where there, Intonation was spot on, and best of all it FELT good under my fingers. Before diving into this venture I spent almost a good 7 months playing as many saxophones as I could and putting them against the LC line up. I was impressed every time. I was convinced that LC has what it takes to be on top. So, here we are now..